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I am Sheri L. Sanderson, President of Gulf Assurance, Inc. and Benefits Broker.   I am a hands on consultant and a business analyst.  I look at insurance products as a way to minimize personal or business risk.  My analysis of the plans I offer take into consideration, not only the premium, but the best and worst case scenarios of using the plans.  My analysis allows clients to make an informed, logical decision instead of an emotion-based decision.

Gulf Assurance, Inc. started in May of  2010 focused on helping individuals, families, entrepreneurs, micro- and small businesses.  The Affordable Care Act created a huge disruption in an already complicated industry of health insurance.  This 2017 year was a huge disappointment.  Health carriers decided not to pay for the services of brokers and agents that have been helping the public make sense of the law and how it affect their lives, or just dropped out completely.

I have been a recognized producer by several carriers, such as Assurant, Aetna, and Humana.  I have been a featured speaker and trainer.  I have been a small business consultant for 15+ years supporting micro-, small, and med-sized businesses.  I am a published author. I have been a supporter of Autism Awareness, Mental Illness Awareness, and Gluten-Intolerance for over 19 years.

I have served as a Senator in Student government for Southeastern State University for my Undergratuate degree and again for the University of Houston-Victoria for my Master's Degree.  
I served my country in the US Army Reserves and National Guard for eight years before starting a family.  My husband is a retired Major for the Army.  We are patriots and involved in the local political process.

I volunteer for various roles in my church, Grace Fellowship UMC, and my community.

I love to network and help you grow your business!
I believe a key strength to my business is my focus on micro- and small businesses, the backbone of the American economy. I am dedicated to helping my clients benefit from my business knowledge and expertise in health insurance, especially the Affordable Care Act.   My goal is to give every client the personal relationship I am known for.  I welcome all types of business and am always available for introductory discussions on whether I am the right fit for you, give me a call.